Applying the Social back in Social Media: 40 ways to build a loyal ...

Your blog is a lonely place?
Perhaps no one is visiting. Or, if you visit, maybe they are not commenting.
Applying the Social back in Social Media: 40 ways to build a loyal ...
You may not share your message on social networking sites. Or not to subscribe to your mailing list.
Or maybe you have a big problem - you can not convert the traffic you get into buying customers.
Yesterday we talked about creating the type of content that attracts a loyal following. But the problem is not always available with the contents. Its contents could be really useful and valuable. But without a critical element, you could be in the wind for years, and they estimated.

Which the element is a?
And how do you use it committed to build an audience and sensitive?
You have a relationship problem
Let's face it - you're not close with his readers.
Perhaps readers were very excited when first discovered your blog.
But now I'm left to lose connection with the same types of old news, day after day. Especially if they are all around you all the time.
This makes it easier for readers to you further. Your e-mails to delete. Soon, you are more in love with your content.
Just write a message and send to the subscribers is not fascinating. Everyone does it.
You must do something to bring the magic back into your relationship and make your blog, your readers irresistible.
Fortunately, you have some tools that can help you. It's called social media for a reason - there are dozens of great tools that are all about building relationships. And that's what we are discussing today.
40 ways to build a valuable relationship with your readers
There are many ways to rekindle the spark of passion between you and your readers. But they contain all that a little more effort into building your bond.
And like all good relationships, it requires more listening, and consistent with the needs of others, rather than relying on their own desires.
I'm not saying you should do all these things at once, but here are 40 different ways to build a stronger commitment and find the content for your readers:
First Pay attention to what your readers need. The following is offered. Especially for readers - by name - to the content you create to inspire.
Second Respond to your comments. They feel acknowledged and realized.
Third E-mail commentators frequent feedback. These are often big fans, so that a deepening of relations on the blog.
4th Keep your readers on Twitter. It only takes a minute to look up and click that "Follow" button.
5th Connect on LinkedIn. This makes readers feel as one of the most interesting people ... and allows you to easily her story and learn more about what they do.
6th Say "hello" when you see groups of readers on LinkedIn. It feels oh-so-nice.
7th Comments on their blogs. Most commentators URL when you click a comment, so it is not difficult, there, check out his stuff, and leave a response.
8th Retweet their posts. There I met some RT button. A retweet is a great compliment.
9th Write a reply to message questions they have asked in the comments. You can build an entire article about an interesting comment, or create a RAID-mail folder, answer the many questions from readers. Remind readers loan if your questions, as the sparks to use of the content!
10th Respond to your e-mail. Any reader who found the time to check your e-mail, and we will e-mail from your blog, the comments deserve a response.
11th Provide information about possible jobs. Nothing inspires gratitude, how to get someone to play so many popular blogs offer a job.
12th Make intelligent commentators guest post on my blog. They feel special and in my experience, they are Retweets every post you put up in the coming years.
13th Are you a guest post - or two - on his blog. This is one of the fastest routes to get random encounters with close friends.
14th Participate in a survey. What is at the reader's mind? You can read the message that writing, like when you see really.
15th Organize an essay contest winners and have a job. Readers can show their writing for a change.
16th Skype one of his readers. I try to add a virtual 'lunch' with someone new take on a regular basis.
17th Intellectual usual half-dozen. Sales guru Grant Cardone is now the brain with the fans of his new book - and write it so others can benefit you.
18th Arrange to meet personally with local reader. Grab to take care of everything, in a local coffee shop and just shoot the breeze.
19th Draw a free podcast or webinar for your readers. To hear your voice or see that makes a recording of a closer connection with listeners.
20th Is there a live conversation in which turn their phones back and answer your questions. The immediacy of the live call format makes the reader feel that to take care of them.
21st Send the cookies. Seriously. Find out your address and send you a small gift. They blow people's minds.
22nd Ask a question (preferably through an open one) at the end of your message. That usually makes them speak.
23rd Finish your message. Just a few tips, and then allow readers to add them in the comments.
24th Ask readers to a link to allow what they are working. Nothing makes people to comment as an invitation to speak on his own project, and the URL.
25th Check your ebook. Or gather several e-book reader and a post about it.
26th Providing a forum. Take it on the comments and let the readers have a virtual coffee gossip. With use, these communities have become untrustworthy.
27th Create a pen pal program. Help your readers help each other and provides a place on your website where they may need to support their friends and express themselves.
28th Get expert readers. Ask for their best advice in a message - then do a compilation of the best responses in another.
29th Ask the readers to describe their main problems. We like to complain about no? Yes we do. A post like this also tells you exactly what you write.
30th Hold a contest with a valuable prize. AppSumo made a great one recently where you could win a MacBook Air.
31st A session in the organization of major events such as BlogWorld, or SXSW. If you think about events in your in your area, that is. In person interviews are rare and wonderful in those days - and people feel they have come to know each other better.
32nd E-mail subscribers than ever before, open your e-mail to find out why. You can save a lot about how to improve the content of learning.
33rd Discover the skills of the reader - then commercial services with them. Benefit with a small business as a whole, both you and help you more.
34th Offer a package of advice. Do random acts of kindness, and sometimes, just to help the reader.
35th Enter a free ticket to pay for their next class or event. I do not know about you, but nothing that I feel most like a free ticket for something, what other people pay.
36th Create a free ebook for subscribers. Not from a single source - to continue to create exciting new material, so there is a steady stream of extras that come.
37th Is it a series of autoresponder with useful information. Copyblogger own internet marketing course, is a good example of smart people. Free training to show, your blog has to offer.
38th Work together on a project. Curating news from its readers of the guests in an ebook or a reader of co-hosts a podcast with you.
39th We invite readers to join in order to sell their products. You may think this seems rude, but, in fact, some readers will be the chance to earn money, what they are doing now, jump - talk about your site to friends.
40th Do people who could help. Playing Matchmaker costs nothing, and shows you really care about helping readers.
How is it treated? How to keep readers hooked to your blog? Leave a comment below and tell me everything ...
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