Why not make money blogging

I was a little surprised, as this morning, after a lecture on corporate blogs, asked seminar participants if I had seen the Newsweek article, earn this week, why it is impossible to make money with blogs.

"I think I'll give everything back then," was my response to his sleeve.

But out of curiosity, I have the magazine on the way back to my room. If you have not seen Daniel Lyons, a talented blogger for two years as "Fake Steve Jobs" announced an editorial explaining why none of us can make money blogging.
BIG Traffic, no money
The best month of Steve Jobs was wrong "with an increase in traffic. His true identity was revealed in the New York Times that more than half a million people to your website in one day.

Their pay? To date, half a million visitors, a hundred dollars from AdSense revenue. During the month, earned $ 1,039.81.

Not exactly what I do when he became a famous blogger and earned an impressive amount of attention and awareness to be expected.

So if Fake Steve Jobs can not monetize a blog, the rest of us are doomed, right? He worked hard to create quality content, which had an incredible angle that was very viral. It was in the lead, and broke. Therefore, it is.

It must be true, said in Newsweek.
    I learned the hard way: while blogs can do many wonderful things, so that large amounts of money is not one of them.
The expert weighs
The article then suggested another expert source for some credibility, Paul Verna, eMarketer analyst.
Take Verna was the real problem was "lack of a clear business model that can generate significant revenues."

Verna is on the right track, but we are still far from the central problem.

If your business model is as follows: "I want to make money online", you will not get far. The Internet is profoundly indifferent make over his desire to make money with it.

Note that this does not mean that "there is no viable business model possible for any blog, except for a few happy exceptions that prove the rule," which was the conclusion of Lyon.

It simply means that Steve Jobs is not wrong business model work, he did nothing of the money.
Blogs are not television
I must admit I have no idea how to monetize it Fake Steve Jobs. Your readers do not come to your site to solve any real problems, except, "How I can take 10 minutes to kill before my boss comes back from lunch?"
TV networks produce entertainment. Or you can make money from advertising or premium cable channels, subscriptions.
If you want to watch Lost, you should use the ads. This model Tivo severely damaged, but it still works well today.
Advertising can work for some web content sites, but generally works best when the player approaches the place to find a solution to a problem. If an ad has a corresponding solution to this problem may be the announcement effect.
For a complex set of reasons that advertising is particularly effective in most blogs. Unless it's a great message to market the game, ads on blogs tend to be less violent.

If you want to make money in the real world, solving real problems

Lyons was not too bad a reader of Copyblogger. It can be seen by Brian intelligent marketing strategies for blogs and content sites, and why advertising is no longer on this list.
There is no trend in advertising or trends in the blogosphere. He is back to a basic truth of marketing.

Otherwise, provide customers with something they want cheap, either get some pleasure or escape of a great sorrow, you will earn any money.

People want entertainment and relief from boredom, but the online sale of pure entertainment is difficult. Waiting at this time on the net is that entertainment is free. They have become the creative work that has been made to this connection, the musicians in the same way he had to get creative for a living, when sharing free music the norm.
It is time for online businesses to grow

For many years, believes that "the line was different," and not to accept a standard of the rules of society. We want to put something on the Web and the Internet are fairy dust and total lack of knowledge about the company.

"Jump and the net will appear," was the motto.

This type of work for a while, but it works now. If you do not have a solid understanding of who your market is, how it is to find, and what problems you solve for them, is now "El Salto, and feels the ground."

So focus on what works now and always has worked.

Enter a value. Solving real problems. See what people hear and fix it for them.

The real Steve Jobs sells beautiful, easy-to-use tools that make life pleasant for their best customers to use. If Fake Steve Jobs wanted to make money, he should have done a lot of work to understand how I could do the same.

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